Are These Teachable Moments?

A pair of opinions at Rasmussen caught my eye today. They both involve situations where one just has to sit back and scream to the heavens, “WTF??!!”

The first is a very good piece by Tony Blankley on all the chaos engendered by President Obama’s “1967 borders” speech.

The second is by Debra J. Saunders, who I don’t always agree with, but whose opinion always gets me to think. Her piece revolves around the United States Supreme Court decision on Monday to release 30,000 inmates from California prisons. But she missed a key point about the reasoning in this decision, which upholds an earlier three-judge panel’s decision.

Much has already been said in the blogosphere about both, but I wanted to focus on just one piece that Debra highlights from the 5-3 decision. This is the idea that the overcrowding of the prisons is somehow “criminogenic.” This means that the overcrowding itself is responsible for causing criminals.

Now step back and scream, “WTF!!??”

Overcrowded prisons are responsible for creating criminals? I don’t think even Homer Simpson would buy that piece of non-logic! Overcrowding might be responsible for a criminal learning different methods of perpetrating a crime, but in and of itself it does not make a person a criminal – the person who is incarcerated in a California state prison is already a criminal!

Read both opinions at Rasmussen Reports


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