Nancy Pelosi’s Latest Lies to the Public

It’s no secret that Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly lied to her fellow members of Congress, to her constituents and to the public at large: remember her vow of total transparency that never happened? So it’s not a surprise to see her yet again pushing forward the Democrat agenda at the cost of the truth, not once, but twice.

Politifact ran two checks recently on San Fran Nan and the results are not pleasant for her: a “Pants on Fire” posted on May 19, 2011, and a “False” posted on May 17, 2011. Of course, this is nothing new for Pelosi – her page at Politifact yields the following info: of the 17 statements that have been checked by Politifact, 7 are “Pants on Fire,” “False,” or “Barely True.” “Half True” is the largest single category with 7 . “Mostly True” has 2 and she gets a whopping 1 on the “True” scale.

Hopefully her constituents will remember these factoids the next time she runs for office.


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