Presidential Campaign Update: Two Out, One In

It’s been a hectic week as far as Presidential campaigning goes. While Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney dither about whether they will enter or not and others wait for the right moment to enter, we have seen one former congresscritter enter the race and two more prominent fencesitters decline to enter.

Newt Gingrich entered the race, but he comes with so much baggage, much of it of his own making – most recently his assertion that the Paul Ryan budget plan is “radical” – that no one on either side of the political spectrum can look at him as a realistic candidate, although I’m sure that the Democrats would just love to have him go against Obama. We can call their debate “The Great Pretenders,” as they both only pretend to fiscal stability and discipline. Newt joins Gary Johnson and Ron Paul in the official race.

Saturday, of course, came the news that Mike Huckabee would not seek to be President in 2012.

Then today came the third item: Donald Trump would not run as he wanted to stay close to his “business interests.” I take this to mean that he does not want to lose control of his “Apprentice” series because of NBC’s ‘threat’ to keep it going without him.

So, where does this leave the Republican Party/the Tea Party movement?

There are still two major players still to be heard from and a host of small fry who think they might have a shot, however delusional that shot. Michelle Bachmann, the congresswoman who has made a name for herself by aligning herself with every theory (or so it seems) that has sprung up about Obama and going against (or so it seems) every piece of Obama legislation, is the first of the remaining major players.

The other is Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, who flexed her political muscle in the mid-term election cycle and helped to bring the House of Representatives under Republican control.

What remains to be seen is whether either or both will enter the race for President and when they do it. Then we will have the GOP field the MSM have been crying for over the last few months.

Now if we can only get the Democrats to have someone besides Obama up on the media stage.


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