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Sarah Palin Continues Driving Media Crazy

As she continues her “One Nation” bus tour, Sarah Palin continues to avoid the MSM – unless they are accidentally at the same stop as herself. Hot Air has some memorable quotes from yesterday. Via Pundit&Pundette. Please note the one that … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin is Driving the Media up the Wall.

Via Hot Air comes a nice little article on some of the possible reasons Sarah Palin is conducting her bus tour. A commenter on the article had a possible insight on what her stops consist of: Various foundations of the … Continue reading

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Clyburn Denies “Racism” Charge

This could have been subtitled “Or, How I Learned To Play The Race Card And Get Away With It.” The problem with James Clyburn is that he apparently believes that he didn’t say anything approaching the level of “racism.” You can … Continue reading

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Obama’s Budget A Complete Washout

After more than 750 days without passing a budget, the Democrats proved they still haven’t got what it takes to pass one – not even when it’s from the leader of their party! On a vote of 0 yeas and … Continue reading

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A Fun Post!

Over at Todd Pack’s Messy Desk there is a fun bit about the one magazine no one who flies can get away from: Sky Mall. Read “6 Things You Won’t Be Ordering From Sky Mall“

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Are These Teachable Moments?

A pair of opinions at Rasmussen caught my eye today. They both involve situations where one just has to sit back and scream to the heavens, “WTF??!!” The first is a very good piece by Tony Blankley on all the chaos … Continue reading

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Top Democrat Plays Race Card on Obama’s Behalf

Once again the Democrats have shown they have no shame when it comes to belittling their opponents, even when that opponent is the American public. First, Harry Reid uses the standard class warfare card by indirectly attacking Paul Ryan’s budget plan, … Continue reading

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What The California Teacher’s Association Is Up To Now

What do girl geckos, a transgender clownfish and boy snakes that act “girly” have in common? They are being used to teach elementary students about gender and gender role differences, including homosexuality. Students at Redwood Heights Elementary School were required to attend … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi’s Latest Lies to the Public

It’s no secret that Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly lied to her fellow members of Congress, to her constituents and to the public at large: remember her vow of total transparency that never happened? So it’s not a surprise to see … Continue reading

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Presidential Campaign Update: Two Out, One In

It’s been a hectic week as far as Presidential campaigning goes. While Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney dither about whether they will enter or not and others wait for the right moment to enter, we have seen one former … Continue reading

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