Whoopi Misplays Her ‘Card’

I didn’t want to blog about this yesterday with the Tavis Smiley and Ed Schultz incidents still fresh in my mind. A day off from thinking about racism would suit me fine. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that chance thanks to “The View.”

I’ve liked Whoopi Goldberg for many years, having seen her on Star Trek: The Next Generation and in many other shows or movies – including one where she created an old white male character and masqueraded as him. I even met her when I worked at a comic book store and she came in to buy some comics shortly before closing. She was looking for some horror comics and I found some for her, mostly titles that reprinted older horror stories from DC and Marvel. She is someone I respect as an actress and comedian.

Thus, it pained me yesterday to see her giving in to racial politics and declare that she was “…going to play the damn card.” It was very unprofessional of her, even with her personal beliefs, to come out and say something like that. It was made even worse given the context of the past 24 hours events, starting with Tavis Smiley.

Mr. Smiley was followed by Ed Schultz, who was followed by President Obama’s speech on, and release of, his birth certificate, which was followed in short order by Whoopi’s “card” comment. Suddenly, the entire day became rife with a racial tension that should not have existed. That it did is testimony to the ongoing race-baiting and race-card playing that Democrats typically engage in.

The next sentence is sure to be seen as racist by a lot of folks, but it isn’t – it’s just a personal belief. My belief is that the Democrat who does the most race-baiting and race-card playing is Al Sharpton, something that can be verified somewhat by newspaper stories of his actions over the past decades.  I refuse to give him the title of Reverend because his actions show that finding a peaceful solution to problems is not something he truly wants to do. He talks a good game that the liberals and the Democratic faithful eat up, but it is really just blowing smoke into your face.

Both he and Jesse Jackson Sr are responsible for this belief that African-Americans are somehow helpless when it comes to navigating the American Dream. It is, however, a lie

“But have no fear!” these two would-be saviors of the African-American way will tell you. “Do as we tell you, think as we tell you, vote as we tell you and all will become perfect!” But three decades later, racial politics and the African-American agenda have become almost hopelessly divisive within our country, much more so than they were in the 1960s and 1970s.

And this is the problem that I have – No one, and I mean absolutely no one, has a right to play race-baiting or race-card playing in the United States of America. Even were it not close to being a hate crime, it would not be a protected class of speech under the First Amendment as it comes perilously close to, indeed I suspect it actually goes past, Oliver Wendell Holmes classic line concerning free speech (paraphrasing here): Free speech does not give you the right to yell “Fire” in a closed theater.

And that’s what all this vitriol and racism being displayed by Democrats and their puppets is: the equivalent of yelling fire.

And I know there’s a problem with the comparison, but the problem is one of the Democrats own making. For 150 years they have been painting non-Democrats as the problem-makers when they have been the ones making the problems all along. To the theater as a metaphor for the United States, they have been pouring oil all over the seats, the curtains, the paneling and mouldings, yelling “There’s gonna be a fire!” Of course there will be one if you’ve spent 150 years laying the groundwork for it. All it needs is that one spark and that spark is the misguided belief, fostered by Democrats, that to disagree with President Obama over policy issues or over ephemera such as a birth certificate makes you a racist.

So I say to Tavis Smiley and Ed Schultz, to David Gregory, Bob Schieffer and Whoopi Goldberg and others, end the racial rhetoric, stop feeding the fires of hatred, put away the damnable ‘card’ and start to act as a human who has compassion for your fellow humans. THAT is the way to truly start healing the racial divide. It is not only your duty as a human, but your job as celebrities and newspeople to do this.

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