GOP Probable Presidential Field in 2012 Shrinks

Governor Haley Barbour announced today that he won’t seek the GOP nomination for President. This is good news as I never thought that he could take on Obama in the Presidential General Election for 2012. This is the start of the GOP field shrinking itself as the search begins for someone who can take him out of our political system before he does irreparable harm to the American system – something he is already close to doing. Now if only Trump, Huckabee and Romney announce that they won’t seek as well, we would be a lot closer to what the final field will probably look like. I see this field as being: Tim Pawlenty, even though I think he talks good, but not necessarily an accomplisher of the Presidential level; Gary Johnson, the first candidate to announce; Sarah Palin, who the Tea Party will support and whom I will probably be supporting if she does indeed run for the office and who has proven herself to me in the way she’s been mostly on the attack since the end of the 2008 elections.

Let the Campaigns start!

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