Watching Out For The DTs; Helping Soccer Moms

Okay, I admit it. I’m a sucker for most of the reality shows and will usually watch at least one episode of a series. Not a “Real Housewives” series as I don’t have any interest in that type of series. I usually manage to watch several, if not all, episodes of “Amazing Race,” “Survivor,” “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” several of the cooking shows, and Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice.”

And it’s why I can’t support The Donald as a Presidential candidate. He has the same problem, in my mind, that both Ross Perot and President Obama had in common – no experience in political realities.

Now sure, you can argue that Obama is grounded in politics and that is true. It’s different though, from understanding political realities, such as compromise. This is shown by his own record as a Senator with all his ‘present’ votes and the way that he has pursued his own, and not necessarily the Democratic Party’s, agenda during the past two years. As bad as Obama is, however, I feel that Donald Trump would actually be worse for the country.

Even though, like Ross Perot, Trump has executive experience, both he and Perot suffer from the same misunderstanding of political realities that Obama has. And the United States cannot afford to have another President who won’t compromise or who pretends to compromise and appears to only promote himself.

And that is my concern with Donald Trump. It seems to me that he’s really only doing this to promote himself, his company’s property holdings and his reality series on NBC. This is a man who has not been the best person to trust when it comes to following a budget and that is something we don’t need in any President, especially at this time. My concern is that, at best, he will be another Obama-style President.

Which now brings us to the second part of this blog. Looking at the possible, I see only one person who has the ability to pull Republicans together. It’s not Michelle Bachmann, who appeals to a restricted part of the Republican base. It’s not Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty, both of whom will have trouble, I believe, in gaining enough traction to gain the nomination.

No, my support is going to Sarah Palin, should she run. She is the only one, in my opinion, who not only can pull the Republican base together, but also pull the largest base of the Democratic Party – women. She has the executive experience needed despite all the snickers of SNL and the MSM. She can work with a budget, she knows how to compromise, she is probably the most conversant with political reality as it now exists.

She is also the most personable of all the possible candidates on the Republican side. And we need that to combat Obama on the campaign trail. We need her to pull Republicans together and keep us from fracturing the way we did over John McCain. We need her to help us back to control of the White House, keep control of the House and gain control of the Senate. This is the only way, I think that we can even begin to start our road to rein in spending, so long as we don’t give in to the idea of spending everything to fix everything. If she does declare her candidacy, this is one stay-at-home dad who will support a soccer mom to win the highest office in the land.


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