CR and Budget Fallout – My View

It’s not a surprise that people have attacked Speaker Boehner’s attempt to solve the budget crisis. Almost from the start there were critics of what he was trying to do on both sides of the political spectrum. As more and more details become known, the heat has become more and more intense with the criticism becoming even more vocal, especially within the blogosphere. I say to all these people, “Get a life!” And I say to Speaker Boehner, “Good start, sir!”

That’s because, despite whatever faults one may find with the CR and the budget resolutions, you have to understand that it is JUST THAT: a beginning.

Critics have called Speaker Boehner a RINO for this deal. They complain that not enough is cut, that these are phantom savings for money that wasn’t going to be spent anyway. I reply that the government will spend the money anyway if it isn’t stopped from doing so. This is stopping them from doing so. And Boehner has proven his Republican cred to me on more than one occasion.

Yesterday, we watched President Obama in full campaign mode as he tried to convince us that American debt is in the black, not the red. We cannot tolerate his lack of leadership and his complete lack of knowledge in economics. His speech made it clear that he is incapable of guiding this country and his displayed lack of the true history about how we got into this mess was appalling. The government budget at this time is not something that you will be able to make happen without give and take on all sides, including the Tea Party members of Congress.

I say especially to the Tea Party members, man up and grow a pair. You look like crybabies by insisting that it be your way or the highway. True adults know that you have to compromise in life – take a look at any successful marriage to see good examples in the art of compromise. Otherwise, we won’t have a budget this year or next year when we will be in campaign mode everywhere and no one will want to take the time to do a budget properly. This isn’t to say that you’re not right about the size of government – just that you need to act more like adults and less like the kid who ends a game by taking the ball home with him when it doesn’t go his way.

When I run for Congress next year, you can bet that fixing the budget mess, both long-term and short-term, will be a priority with me. But I will do it responsibly, as an adult, not whining about what I didn’t get in the latest round of negotiations.


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