Democratic Demagoguery Delight; Republican Risky Resolution

Like many others, both in the blogosphere and out, I have followed the budget mess since the Democrats in Congress refused to give the government a budget before the end of the previous Congress. Since the Republicans took charge, there have been several continuing resolutions to keep the government going. As we all know, this came to a head on April 8, 2011, with the Democrats blinking and giving more in cuts then they truly wanted (none) and the Republicans blinking and taking off the controversial rider of defunding Planned Parenthood.

So, okay, both sides blinked and both sides did not get everything they wanted. This is part of what compromise is all apart. But the Democratic demagoguery, as typified by Sen. Harry Reid railing against the Republican “extremism” of trying to keep the government operating or Sen. Charles Schumer’s conference call regarding the strategy of painting Republicans and Tea Party people as “extreme” because they want to rein in runaway government spending, has been a boon for Republicans. I write this because it’s been showing the American people that they did the correct thing by sending the message of financial restraint that was the basis of Republican victory in November.

Yet, even before the ink was dry with President Obama’s signature on the continuing resolution the Democrats were already touting it as the President’s victory. Even Obama credited it as ‘his’ victory, though Rep. John Boehner did his best to keep the ball in the Republican’s court by keeping the truth before American citizens and by pursuing what will probably be the riskiest budget plan that will be seen for a while.

Even as there was lots of Democratic demagoguery over the continuing resolution, there was even more when Rep. Paul Ryan, the chair of the House Budget Committee, put forth his plan in the week before its signing. It is an overarching document when it’s viewed just on its own merits and is certainly a very risky chance to take for the Republicans in the House of Representatives. The Democrats spent the weekend on the talk show circuit decrying it for all manner of faults, especially its lack of jobs funding. I should note here that their claim here is, again, that jobs are created by the government. Funny, whenever I had a job, I never got a check from the US government for the work I did. It always came from the place where I was working.

Back to my point about Rep. Ryan’s plan. It doesn’t matter about the plan being overarching or any thing that might be wrong or right with it. What does matter is that it helps to start the process of putting together a budget. The fact that the Democrats are coming out with their own budget this week means that they are accepting this premise because they have their ideological beliefs that they want to see proven correct – and that’s really all that the budget for the United States government is truly about.


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