Senator Frank Lautenberg . . . GIVES Us The Constitution? A Challenge

My new computer is due in about 3 more weeks so I’m using my son’s computer to post this because this idiot obviously did not pass either American History or American Government when he was in high school or college. More on this after the video link – I tried putting it into this post, but the player wouldn’t co-operate.

Okay, where shall we start here? How about the fact that the Constitution derives its power from the consent of the governed? This means that its power derives from the people, not the government, not a political party, and certainly no one who is a politician. This means that his magnanimous statement of “But we’ll give it to them anyway.” is just another piece of trash talk from someone more eager to score political points at the expense of, well, actually helping the nation or people/groups who don’t have political power. It also destroys the idea of Natural Law which gave rise to our founding documents.

Let’s go to another part of that same statement. When Sen. Lautenberg makes the claim of “They want – they want other people not to be able to have their own opinions”, he is ostensibly talking about the Republican Party. The truth of the matter, however, is that he is really talking about the Democratic Party.

The Democrats had pretty much a lockdown on the political scene up through 1860 when the Republicans fielded their first candidate – a fellow by the name of Abraham Lincoln. Maybe you’ve heard of him. Ever since that election, the Democrats have tried to shape the belief that it was Republicans who caused the Civil War to happen and not the decades of Democratic Party policies or an extreme dislike for the winner of the 1860 Presidential Election.

It was Democrats who engineered the attempt at secession from the Union, not Republicans. A Democrat President who ended Reconstruction so as not to offend the Southern Democrats who had begun to rebuild their power base. Democrats who created the Jim Crow laws. It’s Democratic teachers, in college, high school and earlier belonging to the Democratic financing arm called unions, that shape the opinions the youth of today “believe” in as part of their value system.

And the sad part of all this is that almost no one challenges those beliefs or that value system. When I run for Congress, I know that I’m headed for defeat because of the ratio of Democrats to Republicans in my district and because the Democrats who get the nomination don’t bother with a debate. It literally becomes a case of “Vote for me because I’m a Democrat.” Sometimes the reason can have a racial motivator as well, usually African-American or Hispanic, and that will be an additional handicap to work against. The reason I run, even when I know I’ll go down, is that I’m there to challenge their assumptions, their beliefs, their precious value systems. No candidate or incumbent should ever get a free pass to election.

So here’s your challenge: Look at your beliefs and challenge them to see if they have a firm basis under them. When you have done that and survived it, then go out and challenge the assumptions, beliefs and values of every Democrat you know or can find, even if they are family members, best friends or complete strangers. Just have the firm grounding beneath you (and the statistics or proof to back it up) and stand tall on it.

Thanks to Doug Powers posting over at Michelle Malkin’s site which tipped me to the story.



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