It’ll be a Couple of Weeks

Last Thursday, my computer suffered a massive viral/malware attack when I visited a site to check on the background of a local political candidate. I got the info I was looking for, but when I tried to leave the page and got to another page on the same site, I got what appeared as an anti malware ad (cleverly calling itself “Anti Malware GO”) inviting me to stop malware attacks by buying their product. I became suspicious at that, even though it could have been a pop-under ad. Then I found that I literally could not access any file on my computer and I also could not start ANY application. The files were mysteriously all “corrupted.”

I have spent the week since then moving all my files to a separate hard drive, doing a complete reinstall of the OS and software that came with my computer. A bit difficult to do since my laptop has a dead display and can only see very, VERY dimly what is on the screen – and that only in a completely dark room. Why don’t I get it fixed? It’s well beyond warranty and with other issues the computer has, it would actually be cheaper just to get a new one.

Which is what I am doing. It won’t ship to me until the end of March or the beginning of April. Until then, I will be offline. I do have another computer available, but it is an old laptop that runs on Windows 98. This update is made possible via my son’s laptop. So I will see you no more than a month from today with the first of my blogs about Karen Bass and her first two months in office. I can tell you though from a cursory look through her voting records and press releases that she seems intent on following her vote Democratic only directive consistently.


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