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Senator Frank Lautenberg . . . GIVES Us The Constitution? A Challenge

My new computer is due in about 3 more weeks so I’m using my son’s computer to post this because this idiot obviously did not pass either American History or American Government when he was in high school or college. More … Continue reading

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8.9 Quake in Japan

My prayers go out today to all who are suffering in Japan from the 8.9 earthquake and the 13-foot high tsunami that hit afterwards. My son and I have followed the news from a variety of sources, including an US stream of Japanese broadcast news … Continue reading

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It’ll be a Couple of Weeks

Last Thursday, my computer suffered a massive viral/malware attack when I visited a site to check on the background of a local political candidate. I got the info I was looking for, but when I tried to leave the page … Continue reading

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