“The Times, They are A’changin'” *

* With apologies to Bob Dylan.

Nowhere is it more evident that the times are changing against the Democrat Big Government agenda than in Obamacare. Even at the time of its passage there were Democrat representatives who were unhappy at the intrusion of the government into everyday health care. Ultimately though, the legislation was more about health insurance than about actual health care and those Democrats who ignored the will of their constituents either lost their seat or came close to it.

More than a few of thhe states of our Union also disliked the provisions and mandates inside Obamacare and filed suit against it. Recently, a decision came out that vindicated the states: the individual mandate clause, a central part of the legislation was declared unconstitutional. As expected, the Obama administration is appealing the decision.

Today comes even better news. The Heritage Foundation reports here that over half the states in the nation are suing the federal government over Obamacare. 27 of the 50 states have filed either as part of a multi-state lawsuit or with their own lawsuit. Michelle Malkin has more at her site. Follow the trackback.

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