President Obama Starts Re-election Run

That’s what I came away with today after the memorial service for those slain in Tucson. If you think I’m joking, check out Michelle Malkin’s site here. I know that Democrats can’t leave any crisis they didn’t manufacture alone (see the Palin Derangement Syndrome in full form over her correct usage of the term “blood libel”), but it is unseemly at best and just all around bad form to use a memorial service honoring the dead for your political campaign needs. There is a T-SHIRT with the slogan – white on a Democratic Blue background – that says “Together we thrive Tucson & America”. Volunteer workers at the event got a red shirt with the same campaign slogan.

I say campaign slogan because this is what it is. You don’t make 10,000 t-shirts in less than a day which means that The One’s White House has branded this event since the murders occurred. And that truly pisses me off. Obama and his cronies obviously don’t realize that this is a time to not do politics as normal in Democrat-land. I truly wish that 2012 will see this teleprompting buffoon and his Chicago-style politics gone from our nation’s highest office. Enough is enough.

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