IRS Seeking to Boost Obama’s Employment Figures

You would think the IRS would have enough problems just looking for the estimated 16,000 workers to help them implement the tax reporting provisions of Obamacare and you would be wrong. In one of the more idiotic moves of the IRS has ever made, and, yes, that IS saying a lot, the tax agency has decided that poll workers are now considered employees of their local Elections Board.

In New York City, where this policy has just come to light, this will boost the employment figure by as much as 36,000 people. I think we can then safely say that for the State of New York this figure might rise to at least 250,000 to 300,000 “jobs.” Across the country I think we might see the millions of jobs lost number suddenly get wiped out. Lo and behold! Obama’s stimulus plan MUST be working – we got back ALL those lost jobs.

The story on this comes as we head into the last six weeks of the election cycle, but, as the New York Post’s John Crudele reports here, the scheme was actually launched in the beginning of August.


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