Barbara Boxer Caught Lying

I have issues with PolitiFact and FactCheck, as I am the first to admit. I sometimes find their reasoning valid but drawing the wrong conclusion from it. I sometimes find their reasoning not making sense and then drawing a conclusion that makes sense. Most of the time, I find their reasoning and conclusions valid, even when I don’t like that conclusion. Today is one of those instances, not rare, where I find both the reasoning of PolitiFact and its conclusion equally valid and it’s a conclusion that I can heartily agree with.

In California, one of the hardest races being fought is between  incumbent Barbara Boxer and newcomer Carly Fiorino. I saw the televised debate this past week and thought that Carly came off better than Barbara did. That debate came just one day after the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board caught Barbara Boxer lying about testimony Condoleeza Rice gave in 2007. For your enjoyment, here’s the PolitiFact story, here’s the blog from the Chronicle about the meeting with Boxer that took place one day before the debate with Carly Fiorina, and the C-Span video of the testimony that Ms. Rice was giving at the time. The footage starts at about 01:48:26, although Senator Boxer has talked from earlier than that mark.


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