Blast From the Past!

I am a longtime fan of science fiction hero Buck Rogers. I have seen the 1939 serial with Buster Crabbe, the 1979 TV series with Gil Gerard, even the 1935 short. I have read most of the comic strip and comic book versions – even collecting the current reprint of the entire comic strip. I have even read the original stories by Philip Francis Nowlan.

I mention all this because I read with interest recently of a new webisode series being produced by Retro Studio which is going back to the roots of the character. They have cast Gil Gerard as Buck’s father for a sequence set during World War I and Bobby Quinn Rice has been cast as Lucas “Buck” Rogers. They have already shot some sequences which you can see on YouTube here and here.

The producers are seeking help, however. They are at the point of doing location work but need about $25,000 to complete the shoot for the pilot. If you would like to help them, they have a site at KickStarter here. Personally, I will be donating $100 – and would give more if I could afford it. I ask any and all reading this blog to help with the funding and get this web series made. I like the footage that has been made available so far.

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