Maxine Waters: My Staff Likes to Chat

It is one of the more improbable responses to Congressional Ethics Violation charges. Maxine “OneUnited” Waters claims that a memo is just, well, chat.

From Jodan Fabian at The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room: 

“Asked about an e-mail between her chief of staff and grandson Mikael Moore and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) that the ethics panel used in its case, Waters was dismissive.

“So what does that mean? Is that the kind of e-mail that is sent between staff? It’s more staff chatter than anything else. It does not identify that he took any action,” she said.

The e-mail, dated Sept. 18, 2008, read: “OU [OneUnited] is in trouble.””

You can find more on this issue at Michelle Malkin’s site and Jordan Fabian piece at The Hill – which also includes a defense by Rep. Waters on Good Morning, America from August 20, 2010. If this is the sort of defense she really intends to put up, then we can soon hope for a change that will include the voters getting rid of her or a trial that will have the same result.

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