Nancy Pelosi: Investigate Thee, Not Me

San Fran Nan has managed to take another holier-than-everyone-else attitude again, similar to her “most transparent” shielding of Congress, that is if you’re a Democrat like Charlie “Wrangler” Rangel or Maxine “Banker” Waters. I guess she can dish out the heat, but not take it as her most recent PR effort shows. She has, as a matter of political course, opened her big mouth on the hot topic issue of the Ground Zero Mosque.

The GZM started to become a topic in December of 2009 after the New York Times reported that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the 61-year-old spiritual leader of Al Farah Mosque in the TriBeCa area of NYC had bought a building near Ground Zero in July 2009 and was using  it to handle overflow for prayer calls with the intent of making the building, most recently used by Burlington Coat Factory, as a faith and cultural center. Many bloggers on the right expressed outrage at the idea, as did 9/11 families, over the next 8 months as more details emerged. And though those details in and of themselves were not bad ideas, the fact that the new mosque was to be built just 2 blocks away from Ground Zero has been considered a slap in the face to most concerned.

On August 13th, everything changed . . . for the worse. President Obama, during remarks at a dinner honoring the month of Ramadan chose some unwise words concerning the Mosque. His ill-chosen dialogue, in the midst of a debate that he had wisely kept out of until this time, made the topic of the GZM an incendiary issue.

Now “San Fran Nan” has spoken her piece on the issue. She has called for an investigation into those who are criticizing the GZM. She should know better, however, than to do so – since it also opens up the California representative and Speaker of the House to some critical examination of her own actions.

From Michelle Malkin’s site comes a report that shows Nancy Pelosi using her power to push through a deal involving Treasure Island, a man-made island that will help her relatives make a bundle of money. “Pelosi has used her power to push the crony-infested project for years. She pushed aggressively for legislative language that would have forced the military to fork over high-value property at no cost to local communities.”

The Washington Times reported in October of 2009: “Treasure Island is a 535-acre man-made island in San Francisco Bay owned by the U.S. Navy. The naval station was selected for closure in 1993, and Navy operations ended there in 1997. Some of the property was transferred to the Federal Highway Administration, the Labor Department and U.S. Coast Guard, and the rest is open for development.

However, problems have arisen over the terms of the transfer, specifically Treasure Island’s fair-market value. One would expect it to be a highly valuable piece of property, given the island’s size and location and the potential for waterfront lots with spectacular views of San Francisco. The Treasure Island Development Authority, the local redevelopment agency acting on behalf of the city, valued the land at $13.8 million, and the city offered the Navy a $40 million in-kind deal.

The Navy commissioned two independent estimates, by the firms Ernst & Young Global Ltd. and Duff & Phelps Corp., which returned a fair-market value of $250 million. These assessments were reviewed and verified by the General Services Administration.”

A further paragraph reveals “A Pelosi spokesman stressed that she did not author the provision, but her involvement is unmistakable. Mrs. Pelosi was behind the 2008 provision that sought to force the Navy to hand over Treasure Island, and Mr. Farr is an important Pelosi ally.” Mr. Farr refers to Sam Farr, Democratic Rep. from Carmel, California. He was the author of legislation that would have required the Navy, the owners of Treasure Island, to hand over the island for a nominal amount of money and not fair market value.

There is a lot more on this story at Michelle Malkin’s site. The important bit, to me, is the identities of two people who stand to benefit from this sale, one way or another. The first is Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco. He is a cousin to another benefitee; Paul Pelosi, nephew to Nancy is this other person. Mayor Newsom will gain politically and Paul Pelosi will probably gain financially. And Nancy will keep them safe because they are family. She won’t let this deal be investigated by anyone, let alone the Congressional Ethics Committee. Transparency for thee, not for me. The most ethical congress ever once again shows that it is anything but.

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  1. Indeed. I live in the same state, but I don’t have to live in the same area. She’s NorCal and I’m in SoCal.

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