Karen Bass: Protection for me, not for thee

Watched a report today on KABC in Los Angeles stating that Karen Bass, current Democrat nominee for the 33rd Congressional District, has police protection despite no longer being the Speaker of the California State Assembly.

In both their on-air report and the published report on the Los Angeles ABC website: “State records show two sworn peace officers are escorting Bass in Northern California, while two retired officers are being paid to do the same while she’s in Southern California.

The protection was provided to Bass even while she missed 41 of 63 legislative sessions since March 1 during her run for Congress.”

I hope to find out more on this subject. Bass is running for the seat being vacated by retiring Representative Diane Watson (with whom she shares the same belief of “Tax others, spend beyond our means and increase the size of government.”). Her opponents, who I suggest you support, are Republican nominee James Andion and Independent Benjamin DeGroot.


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