Tea Party…Democrats?

The Tea Party isn’t exactly hurting for members,  but they tend more towards the Conservative side of politics. Today, however, comes a report from my birth state of New Jersey (raised there until 18 when I then joined the Army). The Burlington County Tea Party has found itself faced with a dilemma: a man by the name of Peter DeStefano has proclaimed himself an Independent Tea Party candidate for the November election.

There are two interesting things about this person. DeStefano has apparently only ever been to one meeting of the Burlington County Tea Party – a vetting meeting for Jon Runyon, a Republican candidate seeking Tea Party support in the NJ 3rd Congressional District. The other interesting bit is that DeStefano’s name first appears in a poll done by the Democrat incumbent, Rep. John Adler.

Michelle Malkin has some interesting input on this story and the CourierPost full story is here. Just makes me wonder if Al Greene has made any more speeches…


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