Ben Stein Takes on the Unemployed

Aaron Crowe had an interesting piece at AOL’s WalletPop today and totally drew the wrong conclusions from it. Had Mr. Stein said all or most unemployed people were lazy or didn’t like to work, Crowe might have had a point. But Ben used the word “generally” and Aaron took him to task for the use of this word.

In fact, generally speaking, people ARE lazy when it comes to a work ethic. Generally speaking, people want to do the least amount of work for the most amount of money (and a reason why I dislike the constant continuation of unemployment benefits as it involves no work to get paid). Now before someone takes me to task for this, I should explain: I WAS one of those lazy people, my work ethic stank to high heaven when I worked at jobs that I didn’t particularly like or want to do. I have been out of work since 2002, but I have kept my time filled keeping my home running, among other things. You know something? Your work ethic improves when you actually like the job you do. Some of the comments that follow Mr. Crowe’s column are especially noteworthy, especially the one who actually tried to hire someone and couldn’t because the person wouldn’t get as much money as he would on unemployment. Just another example of the Nanny State.


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