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My name is David Crowley. During the 2008 congressional races in California, I was the Republican candidate running against Democrat incumbent Diane Watson in the 33rd District. I lost, but hadn’t expected to win anyway given her undeserved popularity among the constituency base. I tried again in the 2010 race, but came in second for the Republican nomination. I do know the reasons for that defeat and will do better for the race in 2012.

This blog will be for political musings on what happens in California and Washington, D.C.. It will also deal, from time to time, with my campaign for Congress in 2012. You might find announcements relating to campaign events here even before they are on my campaign website -something that is updated rarely since my primary loss.

It is my hope to engender a lively discussion here. As I expect to be called to task if I am wrong about something, I will call to task my commentors. I believe in fair, frank and open debate. I will not tolerate name-calling, trolling or any comment that has as its base “it’s Bush’s fault” or “it’s Obama’s fault” without providing substantive proof (in this case, multuple MSM reports as well as other blogs will provide the “proof” needed if it is accurate) that such is the case and the proof must consist of more than a link to a blogger or a chain e-mail.

At this point I am not certain how often I will post. It will be at least weekly as I will try to post the weekly stats from Congress concerning the 33rd CD representative’s votes. I did this sort of tracking before on another site that was ran by some folks associatged with TCOT. The site didn’t really last.

I have my own unique writing style and tend to adhere to that more than school-taught styles. Don’t expect the best, but don’t expect the worst either. This is also the only post I expect to have in the uncategorized category. From here on there will be categories for all posts to this blog.

Finally, if you have any suggestions about how to improve this blog, please feel free to append your comment on such to this post. And now, as Ed Morrow was wont to say, “Good night and good luck.”


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political candidate, father, husband and homemaker.
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