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On Vacation

Visiting family on the East Coast for the next two weeks. Talk amongst yourselves  🙂

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Obama Shoots and Scores for “Compassionate Release”

Thee has been a lot said over the past year about the release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the “Lockerbie bomber.” What has not been said is the White House and Obama Administration role in securing the compassionate release of this terrorist. Yes, even as … Continue reading

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Karen Bass: Protection for me, not for thee

Watched a report today on KABC in Los Angeles stating that Karen Bass, current Democrat nominee for the 33rd Congressional District, has police protection despite no longer being the Speaker of the California State Assembly. In both their on-air report … Continue reading

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Winner of the Joe Biden Foot-in-Mouth Award

You would think that some congresscritters would know enough to keep their mouth closed. Not Sheila Jackson-Lee. On July 15th, she announced during a speech that there are “two Vietnams.” Today Politifact rated her statement and quite rightly rated it false. … Continue reading

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A Word to the Wise…

Sometimes a picture is worth MORE than  a thousand words. I received this via email today from a friend.

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Ben Stein Takes on the Unemployed

Aaron Crowe had an interesting piece at AOL’s WalletPop today and totally drew the wrong conclusions from it. Had Mr. Stein said all or most unemployed people were lazy or didn’t like to work, Crowe might have had a point. But … Continue reading

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Tea Party…Democrats?

The Tea Party isn’t exactly hurting for members,  but they tend more towards the Conservative side of politics. Today, however, comes a report from my birth state of New Jersey (raised there until 18 when I then joined the Army). … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog!

My name is David Crowley. During the 2008 congressional races in California, I was the Republican candidate running against Democrat incumbent Diane Watson in the 33rd District. I lost, but hadn’t expected to win anyway given her undeserved popularity among … Continue reading

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